Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vanessa Kachadurian-Armenian Art to be featured by Sothebys

PanARMENIAN.Net - Sotheby's April 24 sale of Orientalist Art will showcase paintings, drawings and sculpture depicting Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa by artists from across Europe and North America, the auction’s official website reported.
Led by Armenian-born Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky’s stunning view of Constantinople, the sale also includes a lively depiction of the Hajj by Alfred Dehodencq, landscapes by the English artist-traveller Edward Lear, and important examples by Eugène Fromentin, Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Rudolf Ernst, and Eugen Bracht, with sculpture by Pietro Calvi and Charles Cordier

Ivan Aivazovsky was a world-renowned painter of Armenian descent, living and working in the Crimea during the 19th century. He is most famous for his seascapes. Former Fresnan Walter Karabian and his wife, Laurel, who own the largest collection of Aivazovsky's works in the Western United States, will present an illustrated lecture on the artist as part of the 2012 Armenian Studies Program Lecture Series. The Karabians will display four of Aivazovsky's works from their private collection and show slides of other dramatic Aivazovsky paintings they own.

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